30 April 2014

Category: SEO
30 April 2014,

Search engine optimization is divided in to two parts, On-Page and Off-Page, in this post we are going provide reliable customers support to know some important off-page optimization techniques that will help you build quality back links for your website.

Off Page optimization is a process of building quality back links other than your site, it is achieved by submitting informative & quality content on other high authority websites, which helps your site gain higher search visibility & rankings for your on-page optimized keywords.

As an SEO Professional, I especially recommend some of the best SEO techniques that I’ll work great even if Google’s Search Algorithm Changes in future.

Writing Guest Blog posts

Guest blogging is the best way to get quality do-follow backlinks for your website, but the recent statement from “Matt Cutts“, (Google web spam head) “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO“, had made us think twice before submitting guest posts on fellow blogger’s site.

I personally don’t think that guest blogging will die till the end of life, but it will change the way as it was before the recent Google update, as matt cutts has said in his post, spammy & low quality content is on the eye, and blogs accepting low-quality content with tons of do-follow links pointing out will be affected by this Google update.

Guest posting is a great way to reach new audiences though other person’s blog, a well written blog post with high quality content submitted by a guest blogger is not considered against Google webmaster policies. Hence, it will be acceptable by Google. But be sure to keep inbound links natural as possible. Your article should be 90% informative and 10% of your marketing content.

Article Submissions

Everyone loves to have unique, informative and professionally written content, you can submit your articles to these top social do-follow article directories such as hubpages, squidoo, ezine articles, and go articles Submitting articles on high domain authority websites help you gain extra credibility to your website hence, it will increase your websites overall presence on search engines and page rank.

Do not overdo this again and again, be sure to submit only 2-3 articles on each website, doing excessive may have negative impact on your websites ranking or you may also get penalized from Google search.

Social Networking

Optimizing your website for search engines also applies to social media websites. Syndicating contents from your blogs with social networking sites is an important factor for boosting your overall SEO ranking. The more your content is shared by users on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc… the more importance your site will carry.

Forum Submissions

To be successful in your business you must be socially active and ready to help others by participating in forums relevant to your business niche. You can build back links naturally by Answering questions asked by other forum users, let others know your knowledge and experience that might be helpful to others.

If you want quick boost in your traffic & visitors you can hire an SEO Company India to do it, you can also start a PPC campaigns to receive highly target visitors to your website instantly.

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