Data Center
ibOomz interactive has its datacenter located in Montreal, Cannada That’s just 100km from the USA border. Our data center is globally distributed with the power of redundant server infrastructure which boats all our dedicated servers and product.
ibOomz allows their customers to utilize one of the world's best networks to power their web sites and ensure maximum up-time. ibOomz’s world-class data centers feature maximum security, power, safety, and cooling systems –to ensure that all servers stay cool, secure and online 24x7/365 days.

Our shared hosting server specification:

  • 64GB RAM
  • 4x2000 GB RAID 1 Hardware + BBU
  • 4X2000 GB RAID 1 Customer Backup Hard Drive
  • Battery Backup to all RAID Controller for all Drives
  • Redundant Power, & Power detection / Suppression systems, monitored 24x7/365 before internet casino days
Our data center is connected to the internet with fully meshed and redundant certified Cisco networks featuring from 7 separate ISP backbone providers, running on fiber optics cables in to the data center thought individual entry points.